Dog Food

After years of studying dog behaviour and diet with both pets and rescued animals based on research for example that the difference in the digestion systems of domestic dogs and the grey wolf is only 1%.and which has found that commercial pet food is likened to eating junk food every day!
The food we produce is individually vacuumed packed and is prepared in a manner that does not lose the nutritional values of the raw ingredients such as fresh meat / fish organic vegetables /fruit brown rice oats Olive oil & rapeseed oil & herbs etc . 
Having had the food thoroughly checked in the laboratory it is up to human standards of both quality and hygiene which enables us to transport it as far away France and the UK. The food is also recommended by vets who noted the dogs on this diet look and act considerably younger than their years (example shown in images) and also recommended by clients whose animals have specific dietary needs.

The cost is within every ones reach as the food is sold directly (costing just 25cent or 30p for small dogs / cats. Larger breeds of dogs cost only €2.25 or £2 a day. The proceeds of the food sold go towards the feeding and upkeep of rescue dogs and other rescued wildlife in our care.

Clients both in England and Ireland have remarked that they have seen significant changes even a day after commencing with the food, ie, Vanessa in England stated of her GSD Shabley that "her eyes were bright, coat is silky and her faeces are small and smell sweet". Rosie in Ireland whose dog has irritable bowel syndrome said that within a day her dog had changed and repeated similar comments